Gonda Shuzo Product list

nyaozane Set of 3

ニャオざね 3本セット
Capacity Price
Josen (Higly-Selected Sake) 、Liqueur、Candy1100 Japanese Yen(Tax not included)
List of ingredients
Yeast used
Alcohol content
Japanese Sake Alcohol Content
Amino Acidity
Amount included Josen (Higly-Selected Sake) 、Liqueur、Candy/

*Anything from product label, design, containers, and ingredients of Sake are subject to change without notice

Level of Dryness and Sweetness

  • Very Dry
  • Dry
  • Medium-Dry
  • Medium-Sweet
  • Sweet

Recommended ways to prepare

  • served icy cold
  • served cold
  • served at room temperature
  • heated to tepid temperature
  • heated fairly warm
  • heated hot