Gonda Shuzo Product list

Naozane –Highly Selected Type

直実 上撰酒

A smooth and elegant Sake made with a type of yeast that was uniquely developed in Saitama.It is very delicious served heated or cooled.

Capacity Price
1800ml2255 Japanese Yen(Tax included)
720ml990 Japanese Yen(Tax included)
300ml451 Japanese Yen(Tax included)
180mlボトル275 Japanese Yen(Tax included)
180mlカップ275 Japanese Yen(Tax included)
List of ingredients The rice used is a mixture of domestically produced and processed rice that is milled to 65% of original weight. Malted rice referred to as Kome-koji, and brewed alcohol are also used.
Yeast used Saitama E
Alcohol content 15.0%
Japanese Sake Alcohol Content ±0
Acidity 1.2
Amino Acidity 1.4
Amount included 1800ml/720ml/300ml/180mlボトル/180mlカップ/

*Anything from product label, design, containers, and ingredients of Sake are subject to change without notice

Level of Dryness and Sweetness

  • Very Dry
  • Dry
  • Medium-Dry
  • Medium-Sweet
  • Sweet

Recommended ways to prepare

  • served icy cold
  • served cold
  • served at room temperature
  • heated to tepid temperature
  • heated fairly warm
  • heated hot