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Naozane Daiginjo

直実 大吟醸

Naozane Daiginjo: A premium Naozane Sake made from highly polished rice using special technique.

Daiginjo Sake is a premium Sake made from highly polished rice using special technique. This is Daiginjo Sake with a rich and robust flavor enhanced by brewing with Saitama’s own yeast and matured for a long period of time at a low temperature, which gives a mild and deep taste.

Capacity Price
1800ml5000 Japanese Yen(Tax not included)
720ml2480 Japanese Yen(Tax not included)
500ml1600 Japanese Yen(Tax not included)
300ml920 Japanese Yen(Tax not included)
180ml600 Japanese Yen(Tax not included)
180mlカップ580 Japanese Yen(Tax not included)
List of ingredients The rice used is 100% Yamada Nishiki Rice milled to 50% of original weight.
Yeast used Saitama F yeast
Alcohol content 15%
Japanese Sake Alcohol Content +4.0
Acidity 1.1
Amino Acidity 1.0
Amount included 1800ml/720ml/500ml/300ml/180ml/180mlカップ/

*Anything from product label, design, containers, and ingredients of Sake are subject to change without notice

Level of Dryness and Sweetness

  • Very Dry
  • Dry
  • Medium-Dry
  • Medium-Sweet
  • Sweet

Recommended ways to prepare

  • served icy cold
  • served cold
  • served at room temperature
  • heated to tepid temperature
  • heated fairly warm
  • heated hot