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Naozane Tokubetsu-Honjozoshu Kame-Chozo Sake

直実 特別本醸造 甕貯蔵酒

Naozane Tokubetsu-Honjozoshu Kame-Chozo Sake *Tokubetsu-honjozoshu is special Sake that uses rice that is milled to a ratio that does not exceed 70 % of the original weight as the main material and also uses distilled alcohol as an auxiliary material, which does not exceed 10 % of rice ingredient. *Kame-chozo Sake is stored in a Japanese ceramic pot for the duration of its aging.

The aging process of this Sake began on February 20, 2013. The pure Tokubetsu-honjozoshu Sake is stored in a pot that holds approximately 18L called Ittotsubo for over 3 years to age.
The aging process gives the Sake a well-rounded and rich taste, which also leaves a refreshing after taste.Please enjoy the different shades of this glossy aged Sake.
*Tokubetsu-honjozoshu is a specially Sake brewed with rice milled 70 % of original weight and distilled alcohol as auxiliary material not exceeding 10 % of rice by weight.

Capacity Price
1800ml4000 Japanese Yen(Tax not included)
720ml1800 Japanese Yen(Tax not included)
List of ingredients The rice used is domestically produced. Malted rice referred to as Kome-koji, and brewed alcohol are also used.
Yeast used Sake Musashi is a type of Sake brewing-rice produced in Kumagaya area.
Alcohol content 18%
Japanese Sake Alcohol Content ±0
Acidity 1.3
Amino Acidity 1.3
Amount included 1800ml/720ml/

*Anything from product label, design, containers, and ingredients of Sake are subject to change without notice

Level of Dryness and Sweetness

  • Very Dry
  • Dry
  • Medium-Dry
  • Medium-Sweet
  • Sweet

Recommended ways to prepare

  • served icy cold
  • served cold
  • served at room temperature
  • heated to tepid temperature
  • heated fairly warm
  • heated hot