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Sake Blue Thermal Raw Stored Sake referred to as Namachozoshu

清酒 ブルーサーマル 生貯蔵酒

This Sake is brewed using a unique type of yeast developed at a laboratory in Kumagaya-city in the Saitama Prefecture, where there is a major glider port for student gliders called Tsumenuma Glider Port.Please enjoy the supple flavor of this Sake.


Art Work by Kana Ozawa


*Blue Thermal is the name of Aonanagi College Athletic Aviation Team that appears in the monthly comic magazine C-Punch by Shinchosha Co., Ltd.

Capacity Price
720ml1100 Japanese Yen(Tax included)
300ml473 Japanese Yen(Tax included)
List of ingredients The rice used is produced in Japan and milled to 65% of original weight. Malted rice referred to as Kome-koji, and brewed alcohol are also used.
Yeast used
Alcohol content 14%
Japanese Sake Alcohol Content
Amino Acidity
Amount included 720ml/300ml/

*Anything from product label, design, containers, and ingredients of Sake are subject to change without notice

Level of Dryness and Sweetness

  • Very Dry
  • Dry
  • Medium-Dry
  • Medium-Sweet
  • Sweet

Recommended ways to prepare

  • served icy cold
  • served cold
  • served at room temperature
  • heated to tepid temperature
  • heated fairly warm
  • heated hot